Who We Are

Releaf Tees is a charitable line of eco-friendly clothing. We are a collaborative of family and friends working together to embed fresh and funky artwork in environmentally-friendly threads while, at the same time, saving the earth through our ‘Buy a Tee, Plant a Tree‘ initiative.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reverse the negative effects of carbon emissions in the global environment by RE-LEAFING the planet, ONE TEE AT A TIMEFor each t-shirt you buy, we will plant a tree for you.

By now, most people are familiar with the devastating effects of carbon pollution. We won’t bore you with facts and figures, but we will tell you that, since the Industrial Revolution, demand for energy has risen to rates that are increasingly hazardous to our world. Day after day, power stations are churning out more energy to meet the ever-increasing demand of the growing human population. We’re here to reverse the negative effects of this demand on our world and to provide relief for the planet.

Trees breathe the opposite way we do- carbon dioxide in, oxygen out. Carbon is stored in the body of trees while oxygen is produced. In addition to cleaning the air we breathe, trees also cleanse drinking water, and can be used to lower air conditioning bills and reduce noise pollution if planted in the proper locations. Trees also beautify the community and provide shelter for livestock. On average, one mature tree produces ~260 pounds of oxygen each year and can intercept ~760 gallons of rainwater in its lifetime, reducing storm water runoff and erosion.

While the most effective way to curb future carbon pollution is to reduce your own individual demand for energy, we offer an alternative method to offset your consumption. Head over to the Shop and re-leaf the world!

Our Products

Make a difference in the way you shop for clothing. Rivaling the price of other retailers, Releaf Tees provides an alternative to the store brand clothing of today. Here at Releaf Tees, we want to create eye-catching clothing that turns heads and causes people to ask questions, ignite conversation, and encourage people to buy green. By positioning our product on the following three pillars, we’ve created a truly unique offering:

Buy a Tee, Plant a Tree!  For every shirt you buy, a new tree is planted. We donate to American Forests, an organization that uses the funds to plant trees across the world. Your purchase helps to fight global warming by counteracting the effects of carbon emissions.

Quality & Customer Service.  While other retailers use inferior material and ink, Releaf Tees shirts stand the test of time. If you’re not happy, let us know. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and keeping you happy!

Made-to-Order.  Each shirt is individually hand-pressed with care and attention.

By purchasing our eco-friendly shirts, you are part of the green movement and are helping to save the planet for generations to come. Thank you!

We are always open to new ideas and designs and welcome the ingenuity of designers worldwide. Contact us to get involved!